About AETC

Welcome to American Energy Technologies Company!

American Energy Technologies Co. (AETC) is a closely-held, woman-owned small business concern.  Our company conducts operations out of two locations in the greater Chicago-area, Illinois. The business office is in Glenview, and our Technology Center & Manufacturing are located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

AETC is a rapidly growing and a completely sustainable operation, which serves several highly technological niche markets, focusing on functional coatings, novel materials and portable energy systems.  The growth of AETC is due to our diversified business portfolio, technical acumen and very clear business goals of where we want to be as a corporation in the years to come, and how to get there.

The company was founded and is managed by experienced battery and materials science experts with over a decade-long tangible experience with the US industry.  MBA level training with the leading US business schools further fuels our corporate growth.  AETC believes that not just our technologies, but also our people, the most valuable intangible asset on our books, can demonstrate that your investment in project with us will make a difference.

As introduced in this web site, our business portfolio can be split into two groups:

1. Contractual Research and Development and Connect and Development for the industry and federal government. 

As of the time of this writing, the company is involved in contract R&D for several large clients from the industry.  They include: one of the largest Lithium-Ion battery manufacturer in the United States; a leading Lead Acid Manufacturing Company in the US; one of the largest producer of portable fuel cell systems from overseas; a leading US nanosized metal oxide manufacturer (a NASDAQ company), etc.

 2. Commercial products.

   2.1. Conductive Paints and Coatings:


In 2010 AETC launched market introduction of its own newly developed and manufactured product — conductive graphite dispersion for batteries.  The product is used in batteries for purposes of conductivity enhancement and protection from corrosion and helps batteries last longer. 

A modified version of the above formula also features good thermally conductive properties.  The third group of coatings by AETC provides protection from laceration, abrasion, puncture and noise.  These can be applied on firm and flexible substrates.

2.2. Specialty Graphite for Batteries:

AETC is on the market with five specialty graphite products, whose intended application is anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries, components of the composite break pads and for oil field applications. 

  2.3. Passive Armor and Anti-Tamper Technologies:

American Energy Technologies Company offers to potential end-users in the United States government community a new and innovative technology of vehicle-grade hybrid armor system.  The primary intent of our armor panels is to defeat the M2 0.3 cal AP rounds and 20 mm FSP (a test simulating an IED blast near a vehicle).  When placed on the exterior body of a vehicle, AETC panels will feature next to none “non-performance” margin.  In qualifying armor panels, AETC is set up to run our own ballistic tests per NIJ standards.  Tests conducted to date with M2/M1 0.3 cal AP indicate significant enhancement of V50 ballistic performance with armor panels prepared by AETC vs industry standard controls.  Subject of scale economies, AETC panels would be available at a fraction of cost of present-day ceramic ballistic armor.

 Lightweight, all-weather solutions introduced for vehicle-grade armor are applicable to a range of anti-tamper devices, starting from large-scale structures to protection of specialty microelectronics. 

 2.4.  Coin cell parts and tooling for electrochemical research: 

Commercial operations of AETC also include supplying the battery R&D community with laboratory cell parts and closing tooling to manufacture batteries.  In doing so, we provide the US battery R&D market with a viable alternative to Japan-made cell parts, which up until recently enjoyed an unchallenged monopoly on the laboratory equipment market in the United States.

We encourage letting one of our team members know if you are interested to further talk how our company can help grow your business.