EMRG Technology

Approaches to Improving Longevity of Rails in EMRG launchers

In 2010-11, American Energy Technologies Co. and its partners from Georgia Institute of technology (Atlanta, GA) took part in a cutting edge R&D effort, which was aimed at solving the short-term issues of high wear of rails in the US NAVY’s electromagnetic rail gun launchers. The wear is due to strong electromagnetic forces that erode copper rails at high temperatures, and as a result of high velocity-induced friction.

We developed a unique, thermally and electrically conductive coating with ceramic-like properties.  The latter was applied onto copper rails and on EMRG armatures used by this technology platform. AETC dispersions effectively fought the meltdown of aluminum and prevented damage to copper rails, as well as the thermo-chemical oxidation of Copper as a result of reaction with high temperature gas being formed during the armature launch.

AETC’s lubricating, thermally stable and electrically conductive coatings were evaluated by the EMRG technology platform