Battery Parts

Choose American Energy Technologies Co’s Battery Parts and Tooling for your Electrochemical Laboratory needs!

American Energy Technologies Co. proudly serves electrochemical research community with cell parts and crimping tooling that allow manufacturing of ten sizes of coin and cylindrical cells in seven interior design configurations each.

These cells are being used for research, development and qualification of new product performance in a variety of research and development laboratories throughout United States science labs. 

Our technologies lead in the marketplace in terms of their quality, reliability, convenience of use and repeatability.  We know too well that our customers cannot afford to produce test cells that will be a waste.  We save your organization’s resources by striving to deliver to your lab the high tech solutions that allow you to manufacture 10 cells and rest assured that all 10 of them will work reliably.

Our use of Nickel mesh and/or Gold plating is part of a know-how that improves reliability of each cell, minimizes internal resistance loses on a critical interface: active material/current collector, improves your cell’s high rate performance and delivers the test outcome you can rely on.  Application of specialty carbon paint enhances adhesion of electrode substrate with the current collector and prevents critical parts inside the cell from corrosion at high voltages and when in contact with ions of Lithium.

We invite you to explore the world of AETC’s test cells and crimping equipment and suggest that you consider benefiting your lab by contacting us with a request for a quotation.  Inquire by e-mail at:

Lithium-Ion – Conventional

Lithium-Ion – High Voltage Cathodes

Lithium Primary