Business Development Services

The business branch of American Energy Technologies Co. provides marketing, new business development and business consulting services to interested clients from the industry. Our customers include several organizations from the US and abroad, whose new products and services are on their way to making a difference in the market segments of energy storage, composite materials and/or nanotechnology.

In the recent past we have completed new product development projects for one of the world’s largest carbon- and fiber glass-fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite parts manufacturer (2009-10), one of the world’s largest food company (2010), a number of smaller and aspiring research and development and nanotechnology companies (2009-11). We conducted Technology/Financial Status valuations preceding merger and acquisition transactions of a leading fuel cell manufacturing company from overseas (2009-10). Several of our permanent clients include organizations that operate under the programs managed through the National Nuclear Security Administration and US Department of State (2009-11). Several new products reached the highly technological markets we consider ourselves experts in, and have begun to generate revenue.

Our business valuations team consists of professional experts in technology (Ph.D. level and higher), accounting (CPA level and higher), and financial analysis (MBA level and higher). Our valuation projects follow a professional certified process and are run by skillful project managers, who are capable of comprehending industrial processes, and separating technological bottleneck issues from the influence of human factors. In looking at processes and the bottleneck issues we heavily employ DMAIC Six Sigma industrial methodologies.

AETC’s financial status valuations include: in-depth analytics of the company’s past performance including review of financial statements and calculation of Leverage, Liquidity, Efficiency, Profitability and Market-Value ratios as a first step; we also look at the firm in context of its position within the surrounding environment. The latter includes some of the following aspects of analysis:

Does one competitor have disproportionate power;

  • Lead time over competitors;
  • How hard it is for a firm to break into the existing distribution channels due to risk-averse customers;
  • Does the company have only single product;
  • Is the investor coming in too early or too late or just in time;
  • Analysis of leadership capabilities;
  • Patent & literature searches;
  • Beta site analysis, customer loss ratios, consumer comments; order patterns, etc.

If you are interested in having an unbiased, independent company valuation before making an investment or raising capital, we suggest that you consider talking with representatives of American Energy Technologies Co. first.