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Activated Carbon

American Energy Technologies Company specializes in designing and developing synthesis reactions which result in formation of unique forms of activated carbon. Activated carbon is synthesized by running a precursor carbon material through a continuous high-temperature fluidized bed reactor. The result is a material that has a higher BET surface area, tighter control over pore size distribution, enhanced selectivity of absorption properties, and a higher coefficient of utilization in a range of specialty applications. Go to this page to learn more.

Advanced Analytics

AETC operates state-of-the-art materials characterization, electrochemical, powder characterization, and advanced paints and coatings laboratories. It operates under strict compliance with ISO protocols, and is equipped with a host of methods and devices which are either standard for the industry and/or uniquely developed within our company to satisfy the most demanding characterization requirements of the industry. Besides standard analytical instruments, which include laser diffraction, SEM, characterization by density, and surface area and pore-size distribution, AETC proudly operates a TEM with atomic-level resolution and a unique solid ICP instrument capable of determining PPM and PPB level concentrations of impurities in industrial graphites and carbons. Click here to find more about some of AETC’s state-of-the-art analytical capabilities.

Advanced Corrosion Protection Technologies

American Energy Technologies Company is working with the U.S. government, as well as commercial entities, on implementing radical innovations in corrosion protection. The cost of fighting corrosion in the U.S. alone constitutes up to $1 trillion per year, which is very significant. Much of that cost could be reduced through better management and application of more advanced corrosion protection technologies.

AETC is pleased to offer two categories of technologies in corrosion protection. One is based on sacrificial anodes used in critical subterranean and submarine installations, and based on the application of the method of impressed current cathodic protection. The second technology depends on the application of anti-corrosive paints. Our specialty paint portfolio is based on chrome-free zinc-rich primers, which could be applied to a variety of metal surfaces with a minimum surface preparation level of SP3 (mechanical tool cleaning). That significantly differentiates AETC from the rest of the market of paints and coatings, in which an excessive SP10 (near-white metal surface finish) level of surface preparation is needed. On top of epoxy primers, AETC offers an innovative line of polyurethane-based top coats, which are recognized for their durability and resistance to exposure to elements, such as salt, fog, humidity, sunlight, and temperature extremes. Besides the stable polyurethane formula, we carry a number of innovative pigments, some of which are based on the application of spherical graphite and other conductive materials. The application of those pigments to the top coat drastically improves EMI shielding properties of the asset being protected. AETC paints and coatings have been, and are currently being, tested at critical, industrial, and federal installations, some of which are located in the most extreme geographies in terms of corrosive environments, such as the Pacific Islands. Click on this link to find out more about the corrosion protection services we provide.


AETC is proud of its technology development work with anti-tamper technologies. We as a society are facing a growing problem in counterfeits and critical technology proliferations with critical parts. AETC is part of a community of scientists and engineers who are developing and implementing technologies for the identification and protection of U.S. industry and manufacturers from counterfeit parts in the market. We have developed a number of early diagnostic tools for  the identification of counterfeit parts and minerals, and we are actively working in this field. Read more about our offerings here.

Ballistic Armor

AETC is actively involved in the research, development, and engineering of new ballistic armor packages that protect the U.S. Warfighter and its equipment in the modern battlefield. We address issues of ballistic panel design, propose technologies for making conformal coatings, design packages that work with the raised bottom of a vehicle, protecting from IED blasts, reducing the weight of ballistic packages as a result of application of new and improved materials, minimizing the non-performance gaps in a stack between the individual panels, and reducing costs. AETC operates a press capable of reaching pressure in excess of 7GP while reaching temperatures in excess of 1,500 ? in a controlled environment. This allows us to test a variety of new and emerging material solutions for the application at hand. Click here to learn more about this.

Battery Parts

AETC demonstrates an extensive capability for designing, prototyping, and constructing ultra-high precision dies, molds, and jigs, which operate with near-zero clearance, enabling practically metal-to-metal contact with moving metal parts. Dozens of universities and national laboratories have procured AETC battery components and customized tools for their crimping, beading, pellet-forming, and welding. Our tooling caters to a range of needs, from coin cells to spirally-wound cylindrical cells, to fully-prismatic cells, and we specialize in battery components made out of stainless steel. If you have a material which is believed to be lucrative for battery applications, talk to AETC about testing it in a battery cell, assembled using tooling designed and built at AETC. Read more about these technologies at this link.

Conductive Dispersions

AETC brings world-class expertise in ultra-high performance paints and coatings to the market. Applications range from can coatings for alkaline batteries to ultra-high temperature electrically conductive coatings for EMRG technology.

In 2010, AETC launched a market introduction of its own newly developed and manufactured product, a conductive graphite dispersion for batteries. This product is used in batteries for purposes of conductivity enhancement and protection from corrosion, thereby helping batteries last longer. A modified version of the above formula also features great thermally-conductive properties. The third group of coatings by AETC provides protection from laceration, abrasion, puncture, and noise. These can be applied on firm and flexible substrates. Click on this link for further reading.

EMRG Technology

AETC has experience and industrial expertise in addressing various aspects of ultra-high temperature tribological applications where the movement of an object defined as armatures is induced by the Lorentz Force.

In catering to this exciting technology of the future, we have developed durable high-temperature coatings on the exterior of armatures, modified the construction of rails, and coated the legacy copper rails with electrically conductive graphite coatings with glass-like binders, to enable armature launch durability and reliable non-stick properties for fast forming molten metal. The things which we have learned from this application are increasingly useful in our work with automotive brake producers. Our technological solutions are solving some of the most difficult tribological challenges of mobile applications. Go to this page to find out more about AETC’s technological capabilities in this area.

Energy Systems

AETC is a proud developer and small-scale provider of customized battery systems for high-end, form-factored applications. We do not limit ourselves to Li-ion chemistries, even though we are experts at Li-ion. We make and test a number of alkaline battery chemistries, Li-primary, zinc-air, magnesium-air, metal-free, lead-acid, Leclanché, and other batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells in a variety of form-factors, focusing on durable, flight-worthy, stainless-steel construction of casing. We deal with coin, prismatic, cylindrical, and pouch cell technologies. Find out more here.

Engineering Services

AETC works with commercial clients who typically represent emerging mining operations on the development of technological flow sheets for production or synthesis of industrial graphite and carbon for use in value-added applications to include energy markets, performance coatings, EAF electrodes, greases, synthetic diamonds, and others. We are capable of developing the entire package required by the pre-feasibility and full bankable feasibility studies of our clients. Our engineering design packages typically include in-depth market analysis, comparative technology analysis, equipment selection, general arrangement, piping, and installation requirements, and other items needed to construct a pilot or industrial plant. We have built, and are building, several scaled-up production facilities using the most innovative approaches in mechanical, structural, electrical, environmental, chemical, and electrochemical engineering. Click on the following link to find out more.

Graphite Powders

AETC operates an advanced boutique graphite powder processing facility. We are able to purify, grind and size, shape, and classify, de-aggregate, dope, and surface coat carbonaceous materials of a variety of sources of origin. Our past experience includes working with natural crystalline flake, natural vein, synthetic, and amorphous graphite, subbituminous, bituminous, and anthracite coal, green, calcined and graphitized petroleum coke, soft carbons, hard carbons, chopped graphitized carbon fibers, carbon blacks of all sources of origin, organically-derived precursors, from peats to humates, and activated carbons to name a few. We are able to variously process and beneficiate the above, and other similar materials, demonstrating their performance in value-added applications. Talk to us if you are interested in upgrading and testing your low-value carbonaceous precursor in high-tech applications. Click here to learn more.

High-Temperature Technologies

American Energy Technologies Co. utilizes high-temperature technologies (HTT) to synthesize new materials or refine and/or graphitize mineral concentrates as a way of their conversion into value-added battery-ready grades, as well as to serve other functions. HTT is used to refine floatation concentrates from natural graphite mines to concentrations as pure as 99.9999 wt% C. Additionally, HTT is able to recover impurities such as rare-earth minerals and precious metals from thermal purification. HTT also has the capabilities to be used in reaction to form a layer of soft carbon atop spherical graphite at the nano scale – this is called carbon coating and it is widely used in the active materials of lithium ion batteries. Furthermore, AETC uses heat to expand graphite particles to improve the conductivity of various active matrices. Expanded graphite is versatile and can be used to build either higher-energy or higher-power cells, or even a combination of both in a hybrid battery. Finally, HTT is used to create activated carbon and cultured diamonds, which have their own product pages. More information about HTT may be found at this link.

Industrial Catalysts

AETC is pleased to work with international fuel cell manufacturers, where we have developed industrial catalysts for work with oxygen and hydrogen gases as sources of ultra-pure fuel for the operation of fuel cells. In addition, AETC has done extensive work with gas-diffusion electrodes which were constructed into cylindrical zinc-air and magnesium-air battery systems. We also highlight our work with a service provider to FEMA on the development of a mechanically rechargeable magnesium-air battery where industrial catalysts of carbonaceous origin were used on the cathode. Additionally, AETC operates a unique line of synthesis of activated carbon, and the products from that line are used in industrial gas sorption and selective catalysis reactions. With our selective catalysts, the company is now making in-roads into the health care market and many others. Click here to find out more.

Industrial Off-Gas Purification

With its line of activated carbons, AETC offers a set of innovative solutions to industrial off-gas purification. Highly porous, high surface area activated carbon, tailor-made to fit the most demanding off-gas scavenging applications, can be used in bulk, or in pelletized form, to collect undesired impurities from the industrial off-gas streams before they enter the main stack. AETC uses organic, biodegradable precursors in making activated carbon, contributing to sustainability while keeping the cost of the finished products under control. Keep reading at this link.

Industrial Synthesis of New Materials

AETC offers its capabilities in the industrial synthesis of new materials which improve everyday life. When it comes to abrasion applications, we offer unique solutions such as synthetically-made diamonds and non-oxide ceramics. When it comes to batteries, we are able to make oxidation-resistant, catalyst-doped, and nanocomposite materials which make the batteries run longer or cycle more times. When it comes to paints and coatings, we offer industrial solutions, which can be applied more easily, requiring less-sophisticated-than-usual surface preparation techniques. Yet, these technologies are just as durable as their counterparts applied by traditional methods. Click here to find out more.

Primary and Rechargeable Batteries

AETC celebrates its multi-year experience with battery electrochemistry. We make and test a variety of batteries and cells representing at least 15 commercially-viable cell chemistries. Most of our products are customized and are designed to fit form-factored applications which are often proprietary to our customers. To view some of our battery systems, click on the following link.

Specialty Battery Materials

AETC proudly caters a variety of specialty battery materials. These include uniquely-purified graphitized coated aggregate-free particles which are uniquely shaped and meet the most stringent requirements of particle size and surface area characteristics. Industrial graphite and carbon are on the list of 35 critical minerals deemed pivotal to U.S. economy and national security. Our company focuses on the application of domestic raw material and is pleased to be developing a 100% U.S.-made battery. This is not an easy undertaking due to the fact that most supply chains are international and heavily dependent on environmentally-unsustainable practices for materials originating from overseas. AETC is trying to change the traditional landscape of battery supply chains by promoting the application of domestic raw materials and it is openly partnering with those companies who share the same values. Click here to learn more.

Synthetic Diamonds

AETC boasts its technological capabilities with the synthesis of technical grade cultured diamonds. Synthetic diamonds may be used in traditional applications such as abrasives to include tips for the drill bits, components of lapping fluids and grinding and polishing media. However, synthetic diamonds can also be used in high-temperature applications as effective heat sinks and even as a replacement for silicon in the high-temperature semiconductor industry. AETC enjoys the flexibility of tweaking the recipes of the formulations for making synthetic diamonds. We are proudly developing new formulas, which will shape the world of tomorrow. If you are operating a demanding application where harness-free heat transfer application is required, contact us to find out how we can help you. Click here for more information about synthetic diamonds.

Other Technologies

You can learn about more miscellaneous AETC technologies here, such as nanomaterials, graphite electrodes and shapes, and metallurgical work.