Precision Sizing & Surface Treatment Technologies

Particle size distribution and surface properties of precursor products increasingly play key roles in the end-use applications.  American Energy Technologies Co. positions itself as a leader in grinding, sizing and surface modification of powders and granules. 

Our core technical expertise revolves around graphite and carbon.  However, we are able to work with most other minerals.  Some of our recent projects involved processing of Manganese Dioxide, Carbon Monofluoride, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon.

Simply put, we are able to take a ¾” granule and precision grind it to less than 5 microns.  Also, we are able to take a 15 micron aggregate of nano-material and defeat chemical forces holding this aggregate together, thus producing a true nano-powder. 

One of our recent projects required a precision grind down to a single micron of the mean particle size characteristic.  Customer’s spec was achieved using a new generation jet mill with opposed conversion-diversion nozzles of innovative design.  Quality of the resultant product has been benchmarked using our top of the line model of laser particle size analyzers, Microtrac S3500.

As a function of the end-use application, American Energy Technologies Co. operates most of grinding and sizing machinery that our industry has come up with.  We deploy dry and wet jet milling, ball and media milling, crushers, emulsifiers, high shear mixers, V-blenders, bulk acid treatment, etc. technologies. 

Milling at AETC can be done in air and in inert gas.  Plant superstructure, which supports grinding with compressed air is set up to remove trace condensate of oil and moisture thus ensuring production of ultra high purity end products for most demanding applications.

Special attention is paid to handling aggregates of particles.  Powder processing at AETC involves purposive dissociation of aggregates by wet methods and/or through application of most advanced sifters, screeners, delumping and a host of proprietary equipment.

Surface treatment is another area of expertise of our company.  Properties of feed material’s surface can be altered in AETC’s heated sigma blade twin mixers.  Also, we have several heat treatment/cooling furnaces/chambers covering the range of operating temperatures from –70°C to 1,500°C, which includes processing in deep vacuum.