Graphite Powders

American Energy Technologies Company is a supplier of specialty Graphite and Carbon.

Carbon products find uses in a great variety of industries, ranging from manufacture of ductile iron, to metal smelting, break pads, oil drilling, lubrication, composite manufacturing, batteries, etc.  Carbon is the material of choice in thousands of applications due to its comparatively low weight vs other alternatives (specific gravity of graphite is 2,250 kg/m3), near complete chemical inertness in the temperature range from infinitely low to approximately 450°C in air and over 3,000°C in inert gas), and comparatively low cost.  Engineered grades of graphite feature excellent lubricious, electrically conductive, spring-back characteristic, chemical sorption, etc. properties.

American Energy Technologies Company is excited to feature its first product line of industrial graphite.  It caters to the industries of advanced lithium-ion batteries, high performance thread compounds and thermally and electrically conductive paints & coatings.

The product of the month is our spheroidal, surface treated artificial graphite grade LM1226, whose appearance is shown by HR SEMs. 

The primary intended application of this grade is negative electrode active material for advanced lithium-ion batteries (LIB).  The LIB application calls for low specific surface area (in the case of LM1226 it is typically less than 0.9 m2/g); maximum packing density (the tap density of featured grade is above 1 m2/g); ability to be coated on Copper foil electrodes with excellent adhesion (presented by SEM), near theoretical reversible capacity (near 350 Ah/kg), low irreversible capacity loss (in the case of LM1226 it is less than a low 1% in the presence of SEI-enhancers in electrolyte).  Results of galvanostatic cycling reveal excellent rate capability of this grade, which is also pronounced at the low temperatures.

AETC’s new line of spheroidal graphite is well positioned to deliver a viable and affordable alternative to the natural carbon coated graphites on the lithium-ion battery market, since latter tend to suffer from poor rate capability and virtual inability to reduce their mean particle size below 12 microns due to technological limitations.

Besides applications in lithium-ion batteries, grades within this product line are designed to benefit the market of high performance thread compound industry by delivering ultra high purity, low PAH formulae that disperses with premium uniformity and increased weight loading of solids in the carrier compounds thus aiding in assembly of parts, lubricating them and protecting from corrosion over time.